Don’t Miss Your Opportunity to Engage Your Audience

23 Mar

There’s a chance that your nonprofit organization may be a little hesitant to develop new media strategies and be involved in an online community. Delving into the world of social media can be a daunting task but it is so unbelievably necessary for your organization to grow. It is important to know that according to a report from the Pew Research Center, found in a post by Mark Milian of CNN, Internet users are far more likely to be active in volunteer organizations than non-internet users. This being said, as an organization, you need to take advantage of that!

In the previously mentioned post, Milian mentions that of the 2,300 web-users surveyed in the Pew Research Center report, 80 percent are actively involved in groups compared to 56 percent who are not web-users. The report stated that these active Internet users  feel a significantly larger amount of pride and accomplishment toward the organizations they are involved in. This sense of community created by the internet was an important factor in Charity: Water’s success as a nonprofit organization. Charity: Water is a nonprofit organization that works to supply drinkable water to developing countries. Milian states that because the charity began as such a small entity, it utilized the web’s cheap tools and large audience reach in order to expand. The charity credits social media such as Twitter and Facebook to their steady growth.

Blogger Jeremy Smith wrote a post in regards to the Pew Research Center report and states that a nonprofit organization leader simply cannot afford to overlook social media. He states that while the web-users mentioned in the report are more likely to be involved in groups, they also show more loyalty and commitment to the groups they participate in. Smith says that if your organization is not engaging in the same social media tools that your audiences are engaging in, then your organization is making a monster of a mistake.

If you are serious about the cause you are promoting as a nonprofit organization, you must take it upon yourself to reach your target audiences. These studies show that your audiences can be best reached by engaging with them through social media. If you’re not already utilizing social media tools to engage your audience, it is not too late to shift from being proactive to active.

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