How to Use Social Media to Your Benefit

23 Feb

Now that you have seen specific cases where the use of social media has positively impacted a fellow nonprofit organization, you may be eager to create your own presence in social media. Simply being present online isn’t enough; effectively using social media is a dynamic process.

A large benefit of using social media in innovative ways is that it can increase your audience’s involvement. In her blog post,4 Tips on How Non-Profits Can Leverage Social Media,” Candace Tyler states that simply having Facebook, Twitter, and Foursquare accounts aren’t enough and that the audience needs to be involved in your organization. Online marketing and fundraising is based around reaching out to your followers and winning them over and you can do this by showing your statistics, offering incentives, and giving them the opportunity to volunteer in unique ways.

Regardless of the size of your nonprofit organization, being active in the social media outlets can result in a tighter bond between your organization and your audience and can also increase your funds. In the blog post, “Five Quick Fundraising Tips for Nonprofits using Social Media,” Hector Herrera discusses ways in which a nonprofit organization can approach their audience in order to extract donations while still keeping your dignity in tact. He recommends using various social media tools that can accompany each other in your fundraising campaign; for example having a Facebook donation page and also using Twitter to promote your campaign. Two of the most important tips he offers are to post regularly and to create a recurring campaign. Posting regularly gets the your word out immediately and allows your audience to be updated on the details, which is important because everyone wants to be in-the-know. Creating a recurring campaign is essential because it allows for ongoing support from your audience.

Like Herrera, Nick Damoulakis also advocates the use of social media to share with your audience what your organization has up its sleeves. In his post “10 Marketing Strategies for Non-Profit Organizations (Part 1 of 3),” he stresses the importance of not only informing your audience but involving them. Damoulakis encourages you to utilize your supporters, who he describes as brand enthusiasts, in your nonprofit’s success. He says that the people who support you will reinforce your online presence because they will take it upon themselves to create blogs, podcasts, and videos that will promote your news and events.

Lastly, use social media to connect with other organizations. Developing relationships with people who you share common goals with can possibly lead to business partnerships and learning experiences!

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