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The Importance of Social Media in Nonprofit Organizations

The adoption of new social media tools and technologies is a crucial factor in the success of an organization. In today’s society, more and more people are beginning to use social media such as Facebook, Twitter, and blogs in order to connect with others. Because of the constant development and popularity of social media in our culture, one-way communication is becoming less and less effective as a marketing tool. In order to reach your constituents as an organization, you must delve into the world of social media and form a strong presence.

Seeing as your nonprofit organization’s success depends on the amount of people willing to put effort into the cause you are advocating, it would be in your best interest to take advantage of these resources and reach out to as many people as possible.

In the blog post, “Social Media’s Role in your Nonprofit’s Marketing Funnel,” Pamela Grow states that social media is the first step in becoming a more successful organization. She explains a process that ultimately results in transforming a regular constituent into a supporter of your cause through the use of social media. This transformation takes place by connecting with your audiences on a more personal level and creating a bond. A typical one-way communication technique attacks your targeted audience and bombards them with information. A two-way form of communication such as social media allows the transaction of ideas and opinions to take place, which leads to an audience’s understanding of your goals as well as growth of your organization as a whole.

Like Pamela Grow, John, from Social Media Dudes, dedicates a blog to pointing out 10 ways in which a nonprofit organization can prosper through the application of social media:

  1. Increased internet exposure
  2. No cost event promotion
  3. Complimentary blog or networking page
  4. Get in the news each day
  5. Raise awareness using social networking ads
  6. Focus on local donors
  7. Share your message with the world
  8. Make important connections
  9. Collaborating with other organizations
  10. Empower individuals to do something

In summary of his post, John flat out states that if you do not use social media as a nonprofit organization, you should anticipate quick demise.

For examples of how several different organizations effectively use social media to reach a broad audience and why they feel it is important to do so, check out the video below!

Ragan Reports: Non Profits and Social Media

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